Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Free Shipping on $25+ of All Saints Day Fun and More

Through tomorrow, October 1, get free shipping on orders of $25 or more at Catholic Child, plus get free personalization on Prayer Pillowcases!  Use code 189092 for both promotions.

They have some fun items available for upcoming All Saints celebrations, like this Saint Search Bingo Game,

this Saints Fan (for just $1.75!),

and these Saint "Pen Pals,"

Check out their Sale Section too!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Christmas Mosiac Book 57% Off

Amazon currently has Cay Gibson's book Christmas Mosaic marked down from $19.99 to just $8.65.

This is a study guide and activity book for children's Christmas picture books.  Sounds like a great project for Advent!

Thanks to reader Natalie for this deal!

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Complete List of Saint Costumes for Kids (Most Under $25)

It's time for Catholic Deals' annual guide to purchasing saint costumes for All Saints Day celebrations! Whether you're looking for a simple tunic or props for your DIY costume or would like to purchase a full costume ready to wear, there is an item in this post for you!

Here you'll find an extensive list of costumes that you can personalize with appropriate symbols of your child's chosen saint.  A few are designed to be saint costumes, and many more are generic costumes that are easily converted into saints.   Don't miss the "accessories" section at the end, where I list many individual pieces and props that can be mixed and matched.

I have organized the costumes in categories based on the vocations of the different saints.  Most costumes are $25 or under, but I also included a few beautiful handmade saint costumes that cost a little more. 

So without further ado . . .

Biblical/Early Christian Saints  (any of the apostles, early martyrs, Our Lady, etc.)

Oriental Trading has basic robes and veils in all colors and both kid and adult sizes.  Prices start at just $7.50 for a basic kid's robe and $3.25 for a veil.

This Child's Deluxe Mary Costume is $15 from Oriental Trading.

I also love this Mary Costume for $26.29. It reminds me of Our Lady of Lourdes or the Miraculous Medal.

Little Adventurers also has a nice Mary Costume for $24.99, as well as other Biblical costumes.
This Kids Moses Costume is just $9.85 with free shipping (tablet and beard not included). This would totally work for any apostle or Biblical saint.

Another similar one is this Child's Deluxe Shepherd Costume for $15.  This one includes the headpiece.

Child's Deluxe Shepherd Costume
I am loving this Wise Man Costume for $13.49.  This could work for a variety of saints from the early centuries.

This Child's Athena Costume would make a lovely early Christian martyr.  Price ranges from $14-21 depending on size.

For a boy, this handmade Roman Tunic is just $19 and comes with the cord belt.
 Roman SCA LARP Boy Red Cotton Tunic Shirt with Metallic Trim Size 5
This Child Angel Costume is currently priced as low as $6.87.  This gown could work for an angel or a martyr.


Priest/Nun/Pope/Bishop saints (so many - anyone from St. John Vianney to St. Therese the Little Flower to St. John Paul the Great and countless others)

I was glad to find an inexpensive nun costume for kids this year.  This Lil Sister Nun Kids Costume is $15-$20 with free shipping.

This Child Monk Costume looks very Franciscan!  It's just $14.41 with free shipping.  Note that it does not include the belt.

I also found a priest costume for $14.99 plus $4.49 shipping.

Product Details

I also love this handmade chemise as a base for many religious costumes, if you want something of a higher quality.  It's a reasonable $18.


Knight/Soldier saints (St. George, St. Michael, St. Martin of Tours, St. Joan of Arc, etc.)

This Rubies Medieval Lord Child Costume is just $12.34 with free shipping.  It comes with a tunic, hood with cowl, and waist sash.

I also love this simple Knight Chainmail Tunic for just $6.95!

Knight "Chainmail" Tunic
This Crusader Costume for $25.99 has a cross on the front and comes with an attached hood.  (Sword and shield sold separately.)
If you want a complete suit of armor, this plastic set is just $12.
 Knight Set
If your saint is a Roman soldier, check out this cool Roman Soldier Costume for $22 with free shipping.  It includes the tunic, armor, cape, and wrist cuffs, but not the shin guards.


Royal saints (St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Isabelle of Portugal,  St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Hedwig, St. Henry, St. Louis, etc.)

If you want to go simple, this Child's Wine Velour Tunic with Gold Trim would be a great "royal" costume piece that would also get a lot of mileage in the dress-up bin.  It's $20.

Child Boy's Wine Velour Tunic with Gold trim
Also check out this Boys Two-Color Tabard for $25, which would work for a knight or medieval royalty.
Boys 2 Color Tabard
For a bigger splash, I love this regal King of the Kingdom costume, which is currently $20.46 plus $7.80 shipping on Amazon.

Amazon has this lovely Medieval Princess Costume, which is priced as low as $10, depending on size.

Another option is this Lady of the Palace Kids Costume, which is currently $15.61 with free shipping.

For a handmade version, check out this beautiful Medieval Dress with Metallic Trim for only $25.

Sz 4 Medieval SCA LARP Girl's Princess Dress Gown w/ Metallic Trim

Lay Saints (St. Gianna Molla, St. Kateri Tekakwitha, St. Thomas More, etc. - check out this list)

I'm excited about this Renaissance Boy Costume, because I think it would make a great St. Thomas More costume!  It's $24.64 with free shipping.

For St. Kateri, this Native American Princess Costume is $10-$15 with free shipping on Amazon.

This Tudor Peasant Girl Costume for $22.24 (plus $10 shipping) could work well for young girl saints and blesseds, like St. Maria Goretti, Bl. Jacinta Marto, and St. Germaine.

And of course, for St. Gianna Molla (or St. Rene Goupil), all you need is a doctor's coat.  This one $13.99 with free shipping on Amazon.

Props and Accessories (staffs, headpieces, etc.)

Go authentic with this hilarious Child's Brown Beard for $5.25 from Oriental Trading.

This Shepherd's Crook for $5.25 comes apart for storage; this would be perfect for either a bishop or for an actual shepherd saint.

Or if you just need a plain staff, this walking stick is also $5.25.

Walking Staff Prop
Going as an archangel this year?  This White Angel Wings and Halo Headband is $6.25 from Oriental Trading.

I also like these Archangel and Angel wings for a more masculine version.  These are handmade and are $25.

 Archangel and Angel Wings for Costumes for boys and girls
Add this Priest Stole to a white tunic for either a priest or deacon.  This $7.50 listing is for just the stole; the chasuble is sold separately.
Priest Stole to wear with Alb (Chasuble available in another listing)
I also found several priest hats (here and here) and bishop hats available.  However, they are all adult-sized, so you'd have to judge if they would work for your child.

This inexpensive "jeweled goblet" would make a great chalice.  It's just $4.69.

You can't beat the price of Oriental Trading's $3.25 Nativity Hats for veils.  It's nice that they have an actual hat inside to help it stay on the child's head.  These come in several colors and could work for nuns, Our Lady, or Biblical saints.
Child’s Dark Blue Nativity Hat

They also have $3 sashes in a variety of colors.

This is a nice Roman Soldier Helmet for $5.20 with free shipping.

This Costume Sword is $4.86 with free shipping.


If you're putting together a St. Thomas More Costume or need a cap to modify for various religious habits,  you could get this Reniassance Cloth Puff Hat for $7.50.  (It comes in various colors).

This Medieval Coif ($18.09) might also come in handy as part of a nun or medieval saint costume.
Handmade Medieval 3 pce COIF Cap Shaped Unlined SCA Re-enactment LARP
If you need an apron for your peasant girl saint, this one is just $5.08.
Child Half Apron Blue& Red (striped fabric)   Treat Bag?

This Gold Jeweled Crown is $3.50 from Oriental Trading.

This elegant Purple Princess Cone Hat is $10 and also comes in other colors.
Purple Princess Cone Hat (Hennin)
Flower crowns are useful for many saints and depictions of Our Lady.  This one with large coral roses is $6 (other styles available), and this Tricolor Rose Flower Crown is $10.
Large Coral Red Roses on Thin Floral Flower Crown/ Headband (Music Festival) #TFC_FOAMRD
Tricolor Rose Flower Crown
This Harp Prop is only $3.50.  It would be perfect for St. Cecilia or for an angel!
Angel Harp Costume Prop
Your little monk, bishop, or pope needs a pectoral cross.  This wooden one on a rope cord is $8 plus $2.71 shipping.
There are dozens of capes available for children: for example, this inexpensive one is just $5.88 plus shipping and is available in a variety of colors. 

For something more luxe, I like these handmade felt Fairytale Capes for $19.
 Fairy Tale Cape Kids Dress Up Burgundy Ruby Red Felt  - Prince Charming
Lastly, top off your saint with a halo, like this pretty Gold Headband for $6.
Complete Saint Costumes
Finally, if you are willing to pay a little more, there are a few shops where you can purchase beautiful handmade saint costumes.  These tend to run in the range of $40-$80, but there are some beautiful choices out there.  If you're interested in one of these, check out the following:

Our Coats of Many Colors

Faithful Findz
 St. Katherine Drexel, 8 piece Costume for Girls

Merchant Adventurers1
 Sz 4-6 Custom Saint Benedict Monk Costume For All Saints Day
As a final note, keep in mind that prices of these costumes, especially the ones on Amazon,  will continue to fluctuate until Halloween.  Prices will be cheapest in mid to late October, but selection will be more limited.

Happy saint costume planning!

This post contains affiliate links, which help support this site.